Friday, June 20, 2014

Four Way Gateway Fold Card

This week I have been busy getting ready for my class I give every third Friday of the month.  It is my happy class.  I love this class so much this is a community of people (friends) that my beautiful daughter lived with before she passed away last year.  We have many hours of fun making our card of the month.  Each month I keep in mind if there is a special occasion coming up that they may need a card for and we adapt our card to suit each ones needs.

I used three stamp sets on this card. "Flower Shop,"  "Petite Petals" and last but not least "Papillon Potpouri" This is the Grey/Blue Gateway Fold card.  It was a lot easier to choose 1 stamp from each set and stamp multiples of three of each design to make card.  Then the exciting part of punch each flower and butterfly out ready to attach to our card

In the middle of the last section of the card I added a complimentary colour to the print of the DSP and then placed a smaller oval in the centre of the large oval to stamp our sentiment on.

This card which was made in pink and white I used a different stamp type for almost all the folds but if you look carefully you can see that I have reversed the folds  and it still looks very pretty.  I then placed a plain white sheet of paper framed by the lovely blue or pink card stock  on back.   On the top left hand corner  I stamped a petite flower and on the bottom right hand corner I stamped a butterfly.
Our sentiments are written on the back of the card.
Then after all the finishing touches of bling in the centre of flowers and butterflies, our beautiful cards were ready to post on to somebody special.
Have a wonderful week end.
Hope you enjoyed my little ray of sunshine.
love Carolyn

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