Friday, August 13, 2010

Quilled Folded Roses Tutorial By Carolyn Rakowski

I have been quilling Roses for many years it must be at least 35 - 40 years now.  Whenever I do a workshop I am always asked if I will teach the Rose Making Technique.  People often want to learn this before they have even quilled their first coil.

It is important to be able to quill coils and Marquise etc first as this is were you start to learn to a little about the tension you need when you make your first Roses.

Equipment Needed:
Quilling Paper (Around .9mm to 1cm wide and 15cm long)
Split Pin tool.  (You will see this in the photo)
PVA glue. (A good Paper Glue)
Card (To place design onto)

1. Slip paper inbetween the split pin so it is secure.

2. Roll paper around tool about 3 times to form the centre this also gives you a good grip on the paper.  As we are going to start to roll the paper and fold as well.

3. Next fold paper down towards you at a right angle facing down the tool.

4. Now Roll paper around tool allowing the top edges to flair out and bottom edge to stay close to the pin.

5. Continue this process until the 15cm of quilling paper is used and the Rose is Complete.

6. Take rose off tool and allow to relax.  It will then open up.  Fold edge under so not seen then add a little PVA Glue to Seal the back of Rose.

7.  Press centre from top edge of Rose down through the middle of Rose and then trim underneath so will sit flat.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial- I will have to try your method as you seem to do it slightly differently and I am never completely happy with my folded roses

  2. Hi, I'm glad to meet your blog :)
    I newbie for making paper quilling
    Please you tell me,
    How many you should be quilling paper gsm?
    now, I should be used 120gsm but I problem to made it will be hard to rose coil.
    Thank you

  3. HI

    I found your blog through Shannean.

    Your flowers are amazing!

    So much care and attention to detail is obvious and the end result so realistic.

    Michelle :o)