Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowering Red Gum Sprig

I thought that maybe somebody may like to try this sprig of red gum that I made for a North
American Quilling Guild Association10th Anniversary Celebrations.  This is my own pattern please do not use it for commercial gain as pattern is copyright.

Each flower can be made with .6 mm wide to 1cm wide by 20cm long Red quilling paper.  The paper is fringed down to about  .3mm
1.5mm to 3mm green quilling paper by 10cm long.   Attached at the base and beginning of the fringed red paper. Then add to green centre of paper yellow stigma which is a fine slither of about 1cm to 1.5 cm long.

This is what the paper will look like after the papers have been adhered to one another ready to be rolled

.  Slip tool up in between the stigma and green centre and roll into a tight roll to make flower finishing with the red fringed paper last and sealing the end with some PVA Glue.

Open flower up as above to look like a daisy.  This is your beautiful red gum flower.  The tips of the red gum may also may be tipped with yellow paint to look like polland.

These are made by cutting gum shape leaves from deep olive card then a few little pieces  taken out for insect nibbles.  I then  shade card in with pastels to give it that real gum look as our leaves are almost multi colour.  Then I vein the leaves down the centre with a sharp tool and also can put the little side veins in. There is a picture of a shaped leaf above in first illustration.

Green quilling paper 3mm wide by 30cm long roll into tight coils and shaped into a cylinder.  For each flower bud you will need two of these cones.  Then on an occasional one I will put a tiny piece of red fringing just popping outside the edges of the lid of the buds. The buds which I enclose a little of the fringing I use a flat lid and only slightly shaped.   The other flowerbud I completely enclose.

Made with brown 3mm wide 15cm length of quilling paper rolled into a tight coil and shaped into a bell  or cone shape.  Make as many gum nuts as needed for your sprig of flowers and cluster them together.

I made the stem with florist wire and bound with green quilling paper to keep it flexible so it could be shape d for the bouquet..

I hope you enjoy making this sprig of our beautiful gum.