Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handkerchief Fold Card Instructions

This is my latest Handkerchief Fold Card.  The card is made in a very pale pink and highlighted with the Pretty in Pink sponged around outside of the heart..  I had a beautiful old sentiment stamp which I have had for many years now so thought this would be beautiful in the centre of the card.  The Wedding Rings and other writing are stickers.  My heart is made from  our new Heart Framelits.  The heart has been  sponged with Pretty in Pink Ink  around the edge and then  attached to the centre of my card.
 The flower for the centre of my card have been made with my Blossom Builder Punch and the small flowers each side of the large Clematis are made with my Merry Minis Punch Pack.  I have added some folliage around my flowers this I have lightly sponging it with Wild Wasabi this adds a little bit of a contrast to the pale pink.

This photo shows the edging around the card done with my Scallop Trim Border and Corner Punch to match.  The sleeve which the card fits into is also edged with the Scallop Trim Border Punch. Decorated with the large flower that is in the centre of the card and also the foliage.

This is the card complete.
Sorry ladies I had so much trouble when it came to making the design for you.  I lost the Video and my daughter was sick again so all this in between makes for such a big wait.  My apologies but unfortunately I cannot chose when my daughter gets sick.  As some of you know.
I had made a Video of the Card but when I was transferring it to a folder I lost it so it is floating around some where in ciber land and I do not have enough time to try to do it again.  I think I will start again with some project a lot smaller and more simpler than this.

Below I have written the instructions for the card.  

 OK I have finally had time to make a plan for those who wanted to know how I made my handkerchief fold card.  Her is the map for making the card.

The Deep Blue Line is the Valley fold Line which is scored on the top of the Card.
The Mountain  Fold is the Red Line which is the little triangle on each side of the card.  The centre Diamond should be Scored on the top of the Card Stock and on the Underneath side of the Card Stock.
After the card has been scored and folded we need to push it into place.  So with the 4 little triangle each side of your card and the large centre square all scored.  With sides all scored push each side corner in making the card into a large 15.2 cm or 6" square
It is a good idea to highlight the diagram copy it and paste onto Windows Page and enlarge the Map so you can see it a little clearer. The map gives you the measurements you need to make it up.  Then you need to make a cover for the card which I made a sleeve..  The sleeve measured 6 1/8 " or 15.2 cm each side, also leaving another 1/8"  or .25 cm each side for Depth of your card.  Decorate as desired.  The original card looked like this.
I hope this will help you make this lovely card which I have so much fun creating.


  1. Very nice blog and great projects!! I just love these handkerchief fold cards; I will have to try making one. Thanks for the inspiration!! I'm your newest follower, and I hope you'll stop to visit and follow me too.

  2. Amazingly beautiful! This would be a gorgeous Valentine too.