Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chevron Punch Lattice Interwine / Book Mark

I was asked how I made the lattice for the Chevron Book Mark.

This is the way I made the intertwining pieces 
Cut two pieces of Chevron punched strips.  I have made this in two colours so you can see how I have over lapped these and locked them in place.

Place one colour on your top  the other on bottom strip of Chevron punched strip. The bottom strip with V's facing Upwards and top strip with V's facing downwards as shown in photo below.

Lock  the two bottom sections together by tucking the top V of the top strip under the V of the bottom strip which is facing to the top.
Continue locking all sections together as above until the whole section is laticed or entwined together as at the very top of the page.  This gives you the beautiful interwoven Lattice section which can be added on to cards or what ever you wish to use it for..

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