Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tutorial - Handbag Card.

 Handbag Card or Memory Album

Base Card Stock                 15 cm x 30 cm   x 2  (Plain)
Designer s. Paper           14 cm x 14 cm   x 2  (Print)
Card Stock and Ribbon for decorating.
Bag Flap 4 Circles  (2 circles nested inside one another and part of magnet encloses between the two circles).
Magnets – Closures
Or Velcro – Closures

1. Take the two pieces of card stock and lay the long side along the top of the scoring board.  Score down at   15cm   and    22.5cm do the same with second piece.
2. On  front and back of purse overlay the 7.5 score line over top of each other and seal with tape or glue which ever you prefer. This will join the back and front together for you.
3. Then on the out side of the card 15 cm. x 15 cm. Front and back glue the Designer Paper which is 14 cm  x 14 cm square.  Place one side of the Magnet between the Cardstock and D.S.P. paper to give the tab for closing.

4. Add the Closure Flap to the top back of the card and place ruffled Lace around the half circle.  On the top of the gathered lace and top layer place the facing over to make inside finished off. Remembering to place the other half of the magnet on the inside of this flap for closure.

Inside of Album

5.  Cover the Large Square with DSP 14 cm x 14 cm.
6.  Then cover base of handbag with DSP 14cm. x  6.5 c.m  x 2.
7.  One piece on both sides of the fold in the centre of the card.
8.  Then Centre the Colour Card Stock on the DSP. At Large top sections of Card 
9. Contrast Coloured Card Stock
11cm. x 9cm    x 2
Base of the Album or Card
13.5 cm. x 5.5  x 2

10.  White Card Stock to sponged around the edge  and decorated before attaching to the Coloured Card Stock in side the Card.
11.  Size of the White Card Stock :
  10 cm. x  5 cm  x  2
  8.5 cm.  x  10 cm  x 2
Finishing Off.

Make a Fake Suede Flower by punching 4 Flowers out and then  scrunching them up until you are able to divide into two pieces then layer the divided flowers and mount on Flap Closure over the Magnet.
I hope this will be of some help to those who wanted the design. Please do not hesitate to email me if you need further help.
Sorry it has taken so long.  A lot on the plate at the moment.
love Carolyn

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