Sunday, August 4, 2013

Push n Pull Granma Story Book

It has taken me a long time to be able to make something a little creative since my dear Lizzies death in January.  All of my creativness seemed to disappear.  I am just hoping that it has come back again as this is all that I have.  
This is made with lots of love and I hope my little grandchildren will get a lot of pleasure playing with this with their Nanny.  

This little cylinder covered book is made with Designer Series Papers from Stampin Up.  Even though the goods are all retired items there are quite a few little sets that you could use in the catalogue at the moment.  I  haven't any at the moment so I thought I would use what I had.
This is my little push and pull book I called it this as the pages are pulled out with a length of Ribbon and as you go you make up a story about the little card that is held in the cylinder.  This is granma's priveledge.     

Down the page I have added each of the pages of the little Push Pull page book.  Each cute and delightful encouraging you to make a new story each time you pull a page out.
This page I have also used one of our Retired Roller stamps for the train line,  The Train set Called Choo Choo Train is also a Retired Stamp Set.  I tried to put lots of exciting detail on the little card for little ones maybe who are unwell and can just lay and look at the pictures and they also may dream up their own stories.
I covered each cylinder with a different but matching Designer Series Paper to make them match together well.  This card to the left I used the Retired Tree Roller stamp and Loads of Love Stamp Set.
This little Push Pull Card was made for our Retired Boat Load of Love Stamp Set.

This last picture here is the full set of card pages that are in the cylinder folders.  The picture on the last left hand side is the Retired Stamp Single Two by Two.  I hope this little book gives you some inspiration like I enjoyed making it.