Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orchids and Lace in my Garden

I love my paper Orchids.  My Dad had a wonderful glass house filled with hundreds of Orchids.  I use to love to watch my Dad tend to these beautiful flowers with great tenderness.  So I developed  a great love of these delicate and lovely flowers.  To sit and colour these also gives me great pleasure I suppose it would be similar to that, which my Dad had in growing them.

When making this card  I have used Leone Ems Orchid Punch and also Martha  Stewarts Lace Border punch.  I also used pale pink diamontie trim which has given the card a little bit of bling.  I love the quilted Designer Paper card which was used as my back ground it seems to add a little class to my card.  This type of card is perfect for Weddings, Special Birthdays anything like this.  It is one though that I would like to think that it would be treasured so could be framed as the making and painting of this took quite a few hours.  I have also used some Dies I found in my cupboard for the foliage around the Orchids.

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