Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tissue Box Holder

Blackberry Bliss what a delight  with a beautiful Melon Mambo Daisy on the  Tissue Box cover.  A lovely way to give a sweet gift and make it so pretty. Also cheer up the dear sweet person with a head cold.
Just what we may need for the winter colds to hide those tissues away in your Hand Bag.  The beautiful Melon Mambo Tissue Flower was made with the Fringing Scissors and after the Daisy was made I then dyed it with our little spritzer spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of Melon Mambo and water.
It just looks so pretty and the daisy is so soft and sweet.
A couple of leaves wither side and a pretty label finishes the box up.

All I used was a sheet of Blackberry Bliss card stock
Four Sheets of Tissue Paper some pointy nosed Tweezers, to roll the flower up.  The flower also feels so soft.  Before I add the flower to the box I like to make sure it is dry so I leave it in the open air to dry.
It usually takes about 24 Hours.  If you place it on the box before properly dry  it will also fluff up beautifully if you brush the daisy petals up.
This beautiful pink was the colour that my sweet daughter use to love.  So any where I see this gorgeous pink colour I have beautiful Memories of Lizzie.
Happy Crafting.
If you would like this pattern please do not hesitate to email me.
love Carolyn
Have a lovely week crafting.

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