Friday, February 4, 2011

Tilda snowy winter day.

One cold winters day Tilda decided to take a walk through the slushy snow.  She was quite excited as she had a brand new winters coat and this is what she was going to wear to keep her warm on a  cold winters day.  She knew she had to be careful though as her Mummy had freshly dyed her coat Red and had lined it with fake fur to keep her little head warm.  She knew her Mummy had made the coat just like the one that Goldilocks wore so she had to be very careful to make sure there were no big bad wolves hiding in the cold dark forest.

As She walked through the wood she could feel the weather getting colder and darker and that she must hurry on home.  Tilda was painted with water colour.  Her fir trees were made with spellbinders Oak leaves and the stem had been trimmed a little to make it look more like a fir tree than a leaf.  I then added a little adhesive to stick the Flower Soft on to the the branches of the fire tree.  She was quite fun to make. 

I then added a few little flurries of snowflakes to give the picture a little more character.  Thankyou so much for dropping by and looking at my Tilda.  Please call again another day.

hugs Carolyn