Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fridge Magnets and Christmas Card Holders with Stampin Up Punches

Just a little bit of fun some Fridge Magnets made with SU Punches for your Christmas Notes and Lists.  This little Cutie was just so simple to make with the Mitten Punch, Circle Punches, Bird Punch and Pennant Punch.  This is  what I got.

I especially made these for my little group I have once a month on 1st Saturday of the Month.

The Ice Cream  was made with Mitten Punch, and Pennant Punch.  I used some old fridge Magnets that were Old Calendars and cut in strips to glue on the back of the peg.  I also saw some Christmas card holder pegs after I had made these very similar to hang your Christmas cards up with.
Blessings Carolyn