Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rosette Fun for Christmas

Just some ideas for beautiful decorations for Christmas.  I have been using my Rolla Wheels to make some beautiful decorations to add to my tree or may be could be used over a fire place.  All of these have been made using the Etruscan Elegance Wheel and just using different ways of  highlighting the decorations.

Quiet often I go for a walk with some A4 paper scored at 1 cm intervals side ways.  As I go I fold my paper and make neat score lines and on the way back from my walk I then alternate the score lines to give me a fan.  When I get home I roll out some glue from the glue gun onto my silicon mat and hold my fan in the glue.  It only takes a minute to dry then I  open it out and seal all edges and decorated.  This fan was made using the Etruscan Elegance Wheel .  Just love this wheel so much.

This also is the Etruscan Elegance Wheel which I love so much.  I know I have shown this one before but the fan below matches this particular Rosette.

Etruscan Elegance Fan
I hope this gives you a few simple ideas for Christmas Decorations using the Roller Wheel.
Blessings Carolyn