Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hip Hooray lets have fun with Stampin Up New Card Kit

I am so excited to show you what I came up with with my Hip Hooray Stamp Kit.  I divided it into to two original and a little extra.   It was a couple of day projects but I just loved the idea of having all the bits and pieces to make my set with yet having the stamp sets at home to add just a little more if  I want. It took a couple of days and once I was rolling I did not want to stop.  You do not need the extra stamp sets as the three stamps that are in the set would be enough.

When I opened my Hip Hooray Card Kit it sent my mind whizzing through all that I could Create with it.I started just by using what was in the kit and a few extra colours.
Then my mind went whizzing into all I could do.

I hope you like the preview and My Creations from Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit.  More to come in next few days.
Happy Crafting

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