Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to make the Daisy Flowers - Tutorial

When making the daisy flowers all I use are scalloped circle punches these are just wonderful for creating any small petal flower like daisies, marigolds, Chrysanthemums.  I use different methods to make my daisy type flowers depending on what they look like in the garden
Some have concave petals and some have convex shaped petals so this is where my instructions change for each daisy type flower I make.

When making my daisy I consider the layers I want to include and with this I use and choose my graduated scallop Punches or maybe if you don't have the punches you could use scallop circle dies or even just circle punch would do.

1. Punch out the number of scallop dies you need in each size.  This particular daisy I have used four layers and my petals are concave so lets start here.

2.These are the sizes I have used to make this particular daisy. As you can see above my favourite glue is Tombow as it is a very sturdy glue and sets quickly and dries clear.

3. If you look carefully I always place a pearl head pin in the centre so I have a spot to aim at while cutting, this way I have straight lines and my daisies never seem to be skew whiff.  Place the scissors directly opposite the pearl pin and cut 3/4 of the way down to centre.

4. I then use fine nose tweezers to shape my petals around the nose to give it a concave petal.  This means a petal that dips in through the middle section.  I slide my tweezers over each petal and pinch the sides up around the tweezers.  Nice and firmly so the shape actually stays.  If you look carefully you can see where my pin had been to cut the petal.

5. A set of the daisies ready and awaiting their fate. If you look above to the first photo you can see the finished daisy.  I grate down a little piece of card stock.  Daffodil Delight or maybe a brighter yellow just depending on my colour scheme and this gives me very fine collection of fluffy powder,  I only make the amount I need as it is a little tedious to make.  I then with a little Tombow place this in the centre of my daisy. This is my finished bloom.

I hope this will help you make my Daisy.
love Carolyn