Saturday, April 9, 2016

St. Therese's Handmade Market Stall

Well  yesterday was an accomplishment in itself.  After so long out of action I was finally able to hold a small but encouraging handmade stall.  It was the very first the school had offered so attendance was small but great. Also school holidays had started and so some families had left for holidays etc.  I have included just a small range of the goods I had to offer.  If there is a next time I definitely have some cool ideas!  Only having two weeks for preparation I think I did quite well.  
The photo's that were taken were well into the fair so cards were starting to dwindle.  Thanks to my dear niece Catherine who took them for me.  

Box Cards and a few Bendi Cards

My eD Mothers Day Cards.
My 3D Mothers Day Cards

Brag Books
Just a little look at my achievement for the week.
Happy Crafting