Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bush Flower Babies Part 2

Wattle Flower Baby

This beautiful little fluffy yellow flower brightens the bush in the Spring and allows a beautiful golden carpet under the tree when the flowers fall. 
 When these lovely flowers appear the bush is starting to spring to life and the colours of all the natives are starting to bloom.  This alone brings healing to the body just from the sight of the beautiful golden yellow.  I thought that this little flower would bring some colour into Lizzie's pages and bring the sweet smell of the wattle flowing into her room to brighten her.

Flowering Red Gum Baby
The beautiful red gum which flowers all over the main land of Australia is such a bright and beautiful array of different shades of red blossom all over our country.  This will bring Lizzie the colour to her cheeks again and brighten her days.

Her are all the little Bush Flower Blossoms.  On each of these little book marks there will be a little note on the back just for Lizzie.  She has amazed us again at her resilience.

All these little flowers were made with my Stampin Up Decorations Punch.  I have quilled a little as quilling is my great love, Stamped with my Stampin Up stamps and created this little book of love for Liz.

I would love you to leave a comment on this special little book I have created for OUR Liz.  When she come out of hospital we will be celebrating a Get Well and Birthday Party all together.  She has now been in hospital for 2 months.  But looking forward to her coming home real soon.

hugs  and God Richest Blessings to all.