Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bush Flower Babies Part 1

Bush Babies
This little bush baby book was made for my daughter. Something cute for her to look at.  About eight weeks ago now she was found unconscious having a seizure.  These seizures lasted for about two week.  So I decided to make a little book for when she had come out of the seizures.  It has taken longer than anticipated but I have just finished it.  The book was to celebrate her birthday and getting well again.  In which she is doing.  This alone is such a great gift to us as also in this time was the anniversary of her twins death (11 years ago). Time goes so fast it seems like for ever but some times things feel just like yesterday.  The cover page is the little bush baby peeking out of her bud greeting the world.

Geraldton  Wax Flower Baby

This little page is the Geraldton Wax Flower Baby tinge of pink on the flower petals. This page celebrates Lizzies  Birthday . By the time Lizzies birthday came around we were wondering if Lizzie was ever going to come out of the comma but all thing possible with God.
The book was constructed out of about 6 enveloped folded into one another and cover in DPP(Designer Print Paper) I had chosen pink because that is Lizzies favourite colour.

Flowering Red Gum Flower Baby
This is our get well soon baby full of beautiful fully red skirts of brush like foliage she bears the cheerful wish to get better soon and get going.  I think that is what life is about.  I know it is hard but if we do not get up and going .But this little baby brings this wish.  Each of the pages have a pocket with which the little book mark faces are pushed into and on the hand side of the page a little envelope with a little message in it.

Gum Nut Baby
This little baby is the gum nut which is the fruit of the gum tree,  A lovely chocolate brown in colour and a beautiful sent of eucalyptus.  The gum nut is part of Australia's beautiful native trees which cover our rich coastal soils and through our forest.  The smell is a wonderful refreshing perfume of eucalyptus.  Helps heal colds and clears the air.  These are the first three pages of my little book for Liz.