Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pocket Book of Love

I was just fiddling around with some little envelopes I had found in my cupboard and because my daughter is very unwell and in Intensive care in Hospital.  I decided to call the book the Little Pocket Book of Love.  Just dedicating it to Lizzie. Each of the pages I have covered with scrap papers that I found not wanting to waste precious resources.  I have used a lot of my Stampin Up ideas on each page and I hope you like it.  I wanted to use stamps and punches that I have already in my stash so I thought this little exercise would be great fun and also something for Lizzie to look at while she is recovering.

This is the front page of my Little Love Book. I used my Fancy Flower Punch to make Rose and French Foliage to make the Leaves, these are placed on a little aged tags which was handmade.
Pages 1 and 2 I have used My Large heart Punch and one of my Stampin Up stamp sets to fit the heart and attached these together with knitting ribbon.
This was filled with lots of little bits and pieces stamps tags and little metal motifs I found in my cupboard.

This is page 3 and 4 this I have used the special stamp set Strength and Hope, Praying that Elizabeth will have the Strength and Hope to pull through this hurdle.  The other little section which is like a little note was a stamp out of French Foliage.

This is page 5 and 6.  I have used lots of little bits and pieces here but on the last page I have used my bird punch which I thing is so cute. Especially making it look a little grungy.
I hope Lizzie  will like it spending time just looking and enjoying the little bits and pieces and all the love that it was made with.You can notice the edges were I have made the little pockets on the sides of  the envelopes.
This little pocket book of Love is in Hope of Lizzie getting well again real soon.

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hugs to all Carolyn