Friday, May 18, 2012

Stampin Up Angel for Lizzie

As cute as a button but a little too early for Christmas.  I saw the beautiful wings on the Bird Big Die and had to make an Angel.  Lizzie was taken into hospital again last week with a blood glucose level so high she is lucky to be alive.

Lizzie was very ill last week we nearly lost her.  It scared me so much.  So I thought she needed this special little angel to look after her.

Liz was in Intensive care for five days unconscious as her blood glucose levels were so high. She a bad bladder infection.  For Type 1 Diabetics this can be very serious.  My prayers were constantly bombarding my God asking to please stay by Lizzie.

I thought I would make this special little Angel with the Bird wings from Stampin Up Thankyou Julie so much for the wings.   She took quite a while to make at least a two days.  The folds were very similar to origami and were called kusudama. folds.  I kept forgetting which way I was folding so  to make over twenty was a great fete.   I think the stress level did not help as well

She turned out very special this picture does her no justice so I will be taking some more photos with a different background to see if I can show her off how beautiful she really does look.

This photo is at a different angle but I really think she needs a deeper coloured background..
Hope you like her.  Thanks for popping by and taking a look.
Wishing you my followers every Blessing and thanking you for popping by to have a look.