Friday, June 15, 2012

The Open Sea for the Boys Stampin Up

Today was a wonderful day, it was my day to take card making a Lae'tare Court.  This I truly love as my daughter is part of this group and they really enjoy their card making.
Stefan had asked me if we could make a male card as so far we had only made flowery and girly type cards.  Some for Mothers Day others for Easter and Birthday Cards.
When Stefan saw the card we were making he was so happy as his friend was very worried about his dear wife who has breast cancer so he was making this to send to him to let him know he was thinking of him.

We had a wonderful class.  All my clients and their carers were there busily making their special cards.  Some have been saved for Birthdays and Fathers Day and Just thinking of you.  It gives me great joy to do this class as I love my card making too!  And when I see how much joy it gives them to accomplish this task it really makes you feel so happy.

I felt really lucky as I had found this lovely paper in my paper stash and it suited the card to a T .  To me it gives me so much joy to be able to share my craft and give others the pleasure that I also feel making my cards.

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Many Blessings Carolyn