Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Times to Say Good Bye a " Mums Prayer" by Carolyn Rakowski

Time to Say Goodbye (A Mums Prayer) by Carolyn Rakowski

A little Angel whispered in my ear,
Mama  its time to say Goodbye,
I did not know at the time,
 the messages were all there,
but I did not want to hear.
Because I loved to feel you near.

I felt the pain in her body,
The happiness in her eyes,
The joy of being part of her twin again,
It was all there,
but I did not want to say goodbye.

The time went so fast,
the love I bore.
I could not let go,
Until that night so close and near 
when that little faded voice said again to me
Its time to go Mama.

If my love would save her it really would.
But God said No she has stood enough,
Her body frail and tired.
Its time to rejoin your twin,
who has been waiting for you for a while.

Twelve years in pain,
 tis way  too long
to be from some one so close and dear,
So I will take you up to a land 
thats pain and tear free.

Our Lord has loved you all this time 
I truly surely know
that he has another spot for you 
A place of Peace and Joy
You will embrace your sister Barb,
with Nans and Pops and friends,

And I know you'll be waiting there for me,
When my journey will come to an end. 
Until then we'll say goodbye 
but its not for ever you know
Because our Lord has a place for all of us to go.

It is so important to love as much as you can,
because we never know 
when our name will be called 
to that home above on high.

Let us rejoice in Gods smallest gifts  
and thank him for our life
because if we would have never lived
this joy we would not know

And  as we wait in peace and happiness
and know that we will be called,
one day home to be with all 
that God has taken before.

Goodbye my sweet 
Till we meet again

Just needed to keep my blog up to date while I have just a little time off.  At the moment we are packing and shifting Lizzies Lifes collections from her home.  Which is a really difficult thing to do.
lots of love and