Friday, February 21, 2014

Stampin Up Banner Punch Rose by Carolyn Rakowski

Well  WOW yes we can make a beautiful Rose with our new Stampin Up Banner Punch.  Down below I will endeavour to show and write the instructions for how to make them.

1. Punch out 10 Banner Shapes.

2. Punch 2 Medium Star Shapes (we have a die in the Thinlits that has the star shape which was just the right size).

3. If shading petals it is a really good idea to shade them with a dauber or sponge now before you shape the petals..

4. Above is the photo of how many petals and what shapes you need..  At the bottom of this photo is a banner shape that I have outlined.  The area in the centre that has  been marked with white chalk liner is where I have cut up to  the centre to make the two tabs. I place a drop of glue on one of the tags and then over lap the other tag on top so as to cup the petal. Place a wooden peg or paper clip on top of the tabs to hold then until they are dry. Make 10 of these.

5. Roll each of the petals top sides back into a small curl to put the fullness in the petal.  I use a quilling tool or a tooth pick which has been dampened.  Attach first five petals to the stars arms with the over laped tab sitting on each star arm.

6. With the next star attach the petals further down the arm so as they will sit nice and snuggly sit inside the outer flower

7. Place a dab of Tombow  Glue in the centre and arrange the two layers of petals  as above.  Then cut a 5cm  (2") strip 1cm (3/8") wide to roll up for the centre of the rose.

8. Attach in the centre of the Rose with Tombow Glue.  On the base of the Rose attach the large green star for the bottom Calyx. Having the arms sitting out between the base petals.

9  Make the leaves with the Falling Gently Stampin Up Stamp Set.  Cut out or use your leaf die although I like the hand cut effect.

10. Here we have our beautiful Roses Using one of our Simply Sent Sets.

Hope you enjoy making this beautiful minature Rose.