Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cute Easter Baskets with Stampin Up Tag Top Punch

This cute little Easter Baskets can be made with Stampin Up Tag Top Punch.
Here is the pattern for the Basket:

Above is the pattern for the Tag Basket.  After I have cut out the pattern the two ends which are the longest and opposite each other I use the Tag Punch to Edge the top of the Basket.
I hope that you can enlarge the pattern. I have used cm on the pattern so I will just add inches for those who use inches.

1. I used 12" width  x  8 3/10 "Length.(A4)  The Scalloped Edge Tag Punch I used on the  Longest Length of the Tag Basket.  The width of  each arm is exactly 5cm wide which is not quite 2 Inches.  This is so it will slide directly into the Tag Punch and is a perfect fit.

2..  The side sections of the  Basket sits exactly into the centre of the longest arm.  2 1/4" each side of the centre panel   with 1/2" tab on each side panels for glue attachment to the inside of the basket.

3. Score centre square and tabs at each side section so folding is easy and nice, sharp and neat.

4. Add glue to  tabs leave to become a little tacky and stick to the inside side of baskets hold together with a peg until dry.

5. Decorate with what ever design you like.  Tomorrow I will put up the directions for the bunny.
Have a good evening.
Regards Carolyn

Here are all the Punch pieces I used to make the Punch Bunny to go on the front and back of he Basket.
If you need more details please do not hesitate to contact me.