Monday, May 21, 2018

Stampin' Up! Blossom Builder Punch, Making Fabulous Blossoms.

Flower made with Blossom Builder Punch.

Collection of leaves and Petals from the Blossom Builder Punch.

10 Petals of each of  the 2 size petals needed to build Flower.
These Petals are embossed using the Tidal Waves Embossing 
Folder or a folder with creases running up and down the petals.

Two of each layer to make the flowers with the centre being the two inside stamen. 

Add large petals around the stamen centre x 2

Finish the layer by shaping the petals with a deep circling motion.
Do exactly the same to the smaller layers as well.

Using a sponge lightly add colour to the petals .

When four layers are completed turn flower onto mat and shape the inside centre
 so as flower centre sits on mat.

Add two layers of the stamen centre shaped with shaping tool .
 You may add a jewel or fringing what ever you like to finish the centre
 of your blossom with.
Collection of flowers made with the Blossom Builder Punch

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